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This site was developed to support research and continued understanding of chemtrails, the product of Aircraft Aerosol Operations (AAOs). Primarily, it will be used as a depository for anything unique that may surface from research at this site.

Below, a brief overview is included for those new to the chemtrail phenomenon. Links are included that point to numerous references provided by citizens who care enough to ask questions, volunteer spare time, money, or other resources to conduct their own research. These people deserve special appreciation, they have contributed countless hours seeking the truth and publishing it, within the sea of deception, ignorance and apathy that surrounds this issue.


Chemtrails are intentional, systematic releases of chemicals from aircraft. To the casual observer, these releases may appear to be normal contrails. Teams of aircraft are frequently observed as they systematically occlude a clear sky. The speed and magnitude of chemtrail operations can be an amazing sight, frequently causing a rapid, freakish transformation of the sky into an artificially induced overcast. Skies over major geographical areas are frequently maintained in overcast or hazy conditions. Even 'clear' skies remain whitened, less blue, thinly filmed over, laden with aerosols that slowly descend to earth, degrading visibility at ground level. Unusual light refraction and cloud coloration, as well as unnaturally colorful sunrises and sunsets, are frequently correlated with AAOs. Many witnesses have complained of eye and respiratory irritation, medical problems, and chemical odors associated with AAOs.

It is assumed that the United States and other governments have knowledge of, and are participating in 'secret' AAOs. Since 1998, chemtrails have been witnessed, photographed, and widely reported on a daily basis, over the United States and Canada. Likewise, chemtrail reports from Europe, Australia and other areas, have occurred within the same time frame. Reasons for AAOs are unknown to the public, however, volumes of information have been generated since the inception of chemtrail research. Several plausible theories, by chemtrail theorists, have emerged since 1998. Although spraying in numerous geographic areas occurs daily, many people remain totally unaware, not noticing that the sky is overcast far too frequently, not knowing what preceded the overcast conditions.

What's going on? How can something so profoundly obvious, so environmentally impacting, be largely overlooked by a blind and uncaring public? The majority of the mass media has proven, many times over, to be playing a role of silence. There have been few objective newspaper articles or television news reports. Select talk radio shows continue to play an important role among the mass media. The Internet remains the primary source of information on chemtrails.

Response by government officials, or those perceived to have knowledge of the program, has ranged from silence or outright denial to partial admission or acknowledgment that 'military operations' or 'something strange' is taking place over our heads.

It has been proven by chemtrail researchers that governments do release chemicals into and above our atmosphere for various purposes. It has also been proven that the release of large quantities of chemicals into our atmosphere is not unthinkable. Conversely, the large scale release of atmospheric modifying chemicals has been suggested, even recommended, by prominent scientists. Patents, plans and suggestions for atmospheric modification, for various purposes, exist and are freely available to anyone interested in reading them.

In recent years, thousands of eyewitness sightings of chemtrail activity, regarded as very strange and unusual, have been reported and photographed. Despite this, the gathering of hard evidence has been slow, hampered both by limited funding and by a lack of participation among individuals with technical expertise, who possess the equipment for scientific analysis. Some researchers have been exceptionally creative, producing remarkable evidence using little money combined with relentless effort. Filtered air samples, falling materials and precipitation samples have been gathered and analyzed using: microscopic analysis; spectroscopy; pH measurement and other methods. Disproportional, elevated ratios of barium, aluminum and magnesium have been found in various samples. Biological materials have been found within other samples. Inquiries by concerned citizens to regulatory agencies, some including samples, have either been ignored or inadequately addressed.

All citizens are urged to observe and report AAOs and take part in the worldwide investigation, at any level possible. After all, earth's atmosphere belongs to all of us. We have the right to know what is being done with it. We are entitled to the whole truth. It is well established that the whole truth is being withheld.

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Updated: June 12,  2001